Reduce Reuse Recycle – faculty and students help out at Faith Lutheran x

Josh Diaz, Staff Writer

Recycling brings over 3.2 billion dollars in revenue,  prevents airpollution, and makes cluttered land disappear. These are just some of thereasons why people should recycle. Other reasons why recycling is a benefit include over 150,000 jobs. Each year, energy is used on compacting and making landfills is saved too.

As for students at Faith Lutheran, recycling is a big thing – especially seventh grader, Megyn Bowline.

“I recycle cans and bottles every day,” said Bowline.

Others don’t recycle as much, such as seventh grader Khachick Khachoyan.

“I don’t usually recycle, only about two times a week,” said Khachoyan.

No matter how much is recycled,  there are always ways to recycle. Recycle bins are all over the campus, and in and out of classrooms. There are also places in town that give money in place of can bottles and other recyclables.

One large bag of water bottles will give six dollars.  Imagine how much you would have saved if this were done with every can, water bottle, paper, or cardboard piece you ever had! Imagine the whole world doing the same thing as you.

Preventing pollution, land waste, and other environmentally challenged issues that change the way people work, the way people think, and whether or not someone has a job.

Some people don’t recycle at all, and here are some reasons or concerns they have. Many do not believe recycling don’t is effective.  They think that recycling just makes a place for “special trash.” Others just don’t want to have to recycle to be environmentally friendly with what they do, or being “green”.

Luckily, recycling  is also a big thing at Faith. The head of the recycling program, Kathy Grant,  holds up the program keeping it running every day to make our school in a better environment, and community.

“I got started through class called Water for Life, and we learn about conservation, recycling and ways to help our planet, recycling is an easy way we can all help the planet,” wrote Grant via email.

“Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to recycle plastic, paper, and cardboard instead of throwing it away “said Grant.