How teachers feel about girls playing with their hair during class

Alyssa Staggs, Staff Writer

“It is a little annoying issue, but not that big…but I bet teachers get irritated.” said vice principle, Jacob Kothe. Girls doing their hair during class can cause problems at some points and could lead to trouble.

Lots of girls at school do their hair in class. Sometimes it distracts them from doing their work.

“I do my hair like two or three times in one class.” said seventh grader Madeline Yandric.

Some teachers feel that if a girl does her hair in class it means that they are not paying attention to the lesson. Teachers also believe that girls doing their hair contains a sign of disrespect at times.

“It becomes a distraction to the class and seems like they don’t pay attention.” said science teacher Brenda Beery.

However, some students do not do it as a disrespect for teachers.

“I do not try to do my hair in class for disrespect, I just get bored.” said seventh grader Isabelle Cottingham.

Teachers get annoyed by some girls doing their hair too much. Some teachers give out warnings. Usually it does not go past one warning. If girls play with their hair every class period, then some teachers make them do some extra work.

“I don’t usually give out extra work, but if they play with their hair a lot then I will.” said choir teacher, Sanadra Youmans.

Girls usually do their hair when they become bored and when they do not know what to do.

Some girls do it in one specific class, for example History, Math, or Science. It has not become a big issue though.

“I have never had a girl sent to my office for doing their hair too much.” said Kothe.

Sometimes doing hair makes it tempting for girls.

“My hair is right in front of my face what else am I suppose to do with it?” said Yandric.

It doesn’t seem like there can be many health issues that can involve playing with hair. Actually, there are a lot of health issues that lead to hair falling out.

Trichltillomania is one of the most common issues that relates to hair. This issue contains parts of a disorder, as it triggers the mind to pull out hair on eyebrows, eyelashes, and head according to This is caused by girls playing with their hair to much as they start to pull out pieces of hair.

When people play with their hair it can cause a bald spot and split ends. When people put hair in their mouth, it makes the hair sticky and can become oily. Girls should do something else than playing with hair because it can cause many problems and health issues.

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