Slam Dunk! Faith Lutheran’s Girl’s Basketball hopes to go to the Val Parasio Tournament


Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Schwartz

In this photo the girls A team is posing for a picture after winning the Canneralli Tournament. The team is now striving to win their next tournament.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran’s girls A team basketball worked hard this season to make one of their biggest goals, to qualify for the Val Paraiso Tournament after failing to qualify last year. Also, hoping to succeed in winning the LBAA tournament, or as Faith calls is, the Val Paraiso Tournament.

Winning their first tournament, the Caneralli Tournament, on January eleventh 2015 the team is definitely striving to win the Val Parasio Tournament. The girls practice everyday after school whenever the gym is open for them to practice. The team practices in their offensive and defensive plays and shooting.

After winning The Caneralli Tournament, the team lost one game, but they redeemed themselves winning three games in a row. Soon after, the girls took home another three wins and one loss.

The new coach Mrs. Lisa Schwartz is expecting the team to go, and hopefully win the Val Parasio Tournament.

Seventh grader Lauren Bates, a player on the girl’s A team shares some of her challenges,

“Working hard to win, and making it into tournaments.” Bates also shares one of her favorite things about basketball. “Getting to be in the game and playing.”

The team usually plays about twenty games each season.  After the team wins the majority of their games, they can qualify for the Val Parasio tournament, or also known as LBAA, which stands for Lutheran Basketball Association of America. The Val Parasio Tournament takes place in Indiana, and Lutheran schools from different cities go head to head in games against  other teams.

Hopefully, the team will continue to do well this season, and bring home a trophy from the Val Parasio tournament.

To learn more about the Val Parasio tournament and how students can go, visit their website at