A-Team dominating the courts this winter season


Grant Johnson

A-Team basketball team palying hard in their game against Meadows, with a 56-10 victory. In the picture the team consisted of Brevin walters, Chance Michaels, Nate Meredith, and Riley Shwartz against the four other players.

Brandon Roberts, Editor

Faith Lutheran MS Basketball A-Team taking over the season, working hard with new head coach Will Stelzer, to win their games.

Over fifty kids tried out for the basketball team, and only twelve could make it per team. Coaches can only have three teams, the A-team, the B-team, and the C-team. From that, only thirty-six players got picked from the fifty-sixty that tried out.

When Stelzer picked players for the A-team, he said he looked for “guys that are versatile, and can do a lot of things like shoot, dribble, and rebound.”

Stelzer commented that coaches also have to put together the best working team.

“You might have a bunch of good guards, a bunch of good post players, but you need a team.”

It also depends on a player’s attitude towards the coaches and towards the game itself.

“I don’t want to deal with people that are not going to be coachable, I want people who want to learn, and can accept constructive criticism.” Stelzer said.

After the tryouts, every player gets a chance to show their will to play and fight. Practices help players push themselves, find their limits, and then push their selves harder.

“Each A-Team practice usually lasts two hours, unless we go in the mornings then it’s about an hour and a half.” Stelzer said.

The A-Team knows when they practice and when they have games, but the practices can depend on which days they have games.

“Usually four out of the five school days we’re practicing. If there’s a game, then maybe three out of the five days, and usually a couple games per week.” Stelzer said.

The A-Team has had many games as of January 20, 2015. The last two games have resulted in a win. One game, a “50-25” victory, and the other, a “42-24” victory. Stelzer could not remember the scores of the other games.

During all these games the A-Team stays aggressive and shows their hard work, showing that players deserve their spot.

Seventh grader Bren Coffman talked about the qualities needed to stay on the A-Team.

“To be on A team, it takes hard work, dedication, and willingness to help the team.” Coffman said.

Coffman has confidence that the A-Team will strive in their next upcoming games.

“With hard work and dedication, we will win,” said Coffman.

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