Homework, Quizzes, and Tests: Students must overcome the difficulties of school


Athena Brown

Miss Joanne Krafft teaches her Advanced Seventh Grade English Class. She explains the homework to her students so they will successfully complete it.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

“Math is my hardest class because the lessons are kind of new to me, and it’s hard to understand them at times,” said seventh grader Winston Turner. Students like Turner face the challenges of school everyday and overcome the difficulties to succeed.

Students all take math. No one can get out of it, so they must do their best. Thankfully, they can go to room 116 after school and get help.

“Math is hard because I don’t understand it, and it’s boring,” said seventh grader Justin Kolberg. “To help me, I watch math videos, and I try to pay attention.”

Everyone must take Old Testament, a class that teaches about most of the stories of the Old Testament. With the memory verses and homework, students must work hard to maintain a good grade.

“It’s hard for me because I’m not used to religion classes, and I don’t always understand everything,” said seventh grader Olivia Castillo. “I was baptized a Christian but before this year I barely knew anything about religion.”

Teachers had to go to school when they were kids too.

“Once I hit 8th grade my most difficult class was math. Before that, I never really struggled in any particular class. I loved school,” said teacher Miss Joanne Krafft.

All teachers work hard to give students the most knowledge they can obtain. They want the best for their students. They hope that all students pass their class, and they know exactly what the kids have to do.

“Passing my class is very easy. My desire is that every student succeeds. I can guarantee that if a student turns in all their work and uses the review sheet to study for tests that student will NOT fail,” said Krafft.

History teacher Karen Pullman shares some advice too.

“First, READ. Read the chapters, the extra info, the maps and charts.
Second, do your homework. It prepares you for quizzes and tests and projects,” Pullman said.

Too much hard work can cause stress to a person and their mind.

“Students that are struggling, need to go in to see their teacher on a regular bases and get help,” said Hazel, “like 2-3 times a week.”

Krafft shares her opinion on school work, too.

“If you are struggling seek out help. Go to your teacher and ask a friend who understands the concept to explain it to you. Sometimes it is a peer who explains things better than an adult,” she said.

Pullmann gives her advice on homework also.

“It gets easier so don’t get depressed or down on yourself. Some things will always be hard (like math still is for me) but you will find your passion and then you can concentrate on that,” she said.

Students know first hand the struggle to maintain good grades.

“You can’t run or ignore your problems, especially with school. If I decided to not try in class and fail it, it probably wouldn’t be a good decision.” said Castillo.

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