Students perform and share their talents at the annual Lutheran Fine Arts Festival


Photo Courtesy of Sandra Youmans

Choir students from all of the schools are singing a song together at last year’s Lutheran Fine Arts festival. Choir students from all of the schools that participated in this year’s festival gathered to sing together this year as well.

Kylie Capuano , Staff Writer

On January 24, Faith Lutheran hosted the Lutheran Fine Arts Festival to allow middle school and elementary school students with artistic and musical talents to share them with others.

The Lutheran Fine arts festival is an annual event to celebrate the arts in the Las Vegas Lutheran schools that started at 8:00 AM and concluded with the festival concert. This festival has been going on for more than twenty years and has kept growing into a bigger festival.

First Good Shepherd Lutheran, Lamb of God Lutheran, Mountain View Lutheran, Faith Lutheran Academy, and Faith Lutheran choir, orchestra, and band groups each performed a song individually. Then, all of the choir groups performed a song together, the band groups performed a song, and the orchestra groups performed a song.

“My favorite part is getting to hear what a band of a hundred to a hundred and twenty sounds like,” said band teacher Mr. Philip Schlicker, “It’s awesome to have all of those kids playing at the same time.”

Visual arts also gets involved in the festival. Each school brings artwork to showcase in the festival. Also, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, there were activities for the students to participate in including art, drama, and music activities.

Many students enjoy getting to perform a song together with all of the other schools. “I think that the best part of the festival is the collaboration of the music because there are so many different groups, and different ages, and different levels playing,” said eighth grader Sara Clark prior to the festival.

Although some students enjoy getting to perform in front of a crowd, some don’t enjoy it as much as others.

“My least favorite part of the festival is singing because I don’t like getting up on stage in front of everybody,” said seventh grader Lauren Bates.

Choir teacher Mrs. Sandra Youmans thinks that the festival is exciting for many reasons.

 “The festival is an exciting way that we can share our music and praise God with our music,” said Youmans.

Both students and teachers were excited for the festival to come.

“I’m looking forward to playing the music and just having a good time,” said seventh grader Matthew Lea prior to the festival.

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