All Faith Lutheran Middle School students compete in the National Geography Bee

Trent Teunis, Staff Writer

All middle school students of Faith Lutheran competed in the school Geography Bee to have a chance to go to the second round of the challenge. The Geography Bee is a competition held by National Geographic that schools all around the country compete in for big prizes and for kids to show off their Geography knowledge.

There are three main levels of the challenge. The first level of the completion is the school level where all the students in a school are given seven questions on seven different parts of Geography. Each student has one chance on each question to answer it right. The top ten students with the most correct answers qualify to go to the final competition. The winner of the ten students advances to the second round but before they go, they must take a written test to qualify for it. If they pass the written portion, they move on to the state level. In the state level, the winners of each school in the state compete against echother. The winner of the second round goes to the National Championship. The National Championship is held in Washington, D.C. was all the winners of the states compete in a challenge to win $50,000. Whoever wins the final round wins $50,000 and a scholarship from National Geographic.

Faith Lutheran started to compete in the Geography Bee 7 to 8 years ago.

Eighth grade Geography teacher Cy Fredrick has hosted the event for seven to eight years.

“My favorite part of the event is seeing the kids win and the look on their faces. They are priceless,” said Mr. Fredrick.

The winner of Faith Lutheran’s geography contest was Owen. It had been his first time ever winning the middle school event. Owen said, “It felt awesome and it was very exciting”