Television? Not so good after all when studies show that television harms the average Americans’ health

Grace Parker, Staff Writer

Although television shows like “Friends”, “Dance Moms”, “Once Upon A Time”, and “How I Met Your Mother” can entertain many people, watching too much television can cause negative effects to a human’s health. Medical News Today and CNN states that an increase of heart disease, a risk in type two diabetes, and early death to adults could occur.

Some young kids and teenagers would say that television is good for the viewers and that people can learn a lot about certain things by watching certain channels. However, Delaney Sylvester, eighth grader, disagrees.

“I think that it numbs our mind a bit, if we watch too much of it,” said Sylvester.

According to Medical News Today, MNT, watching three or more hours of T.V. each day causes double the risk of early death than most cases.

Many students have their own preference of which shows they watch, and how much they watch on a daily basis.

A forty five minute range is all a person needs on a weekly basis. Although, some people watch several hours of T.V every week.

“I watch, maybe like four hours a week,” said sixth grader Hailey Has.

According to research, children and teens between the ages of eight and eighteen spend over four hours looking at a screen, plus an additional two hours in front of a computer that is not school related per day.

Television can affect a students’ grades, as well as their performance in school., states that watching too much T.V takes away a students’ focus to do school work, causing their grades to fail.

“People could be focusing more on the entertainment of T.V rather than doing homework or studying for tests,” said seventh grader Talina Hajar.

Hajar thinks television makes people “lazy” and “obese” which are true medical facts.

“I myself have to fight not to snack during my favorite shows,” said eighth grade science teacher, Stephen Blank through email.

Obesity in America is one of the main health effects for children and teenagers. Part of that comes from the television screens.

According to, evaluated exasperation affects many people who are constantly glued to electronics. For example, once someone gets attached to the T.V or their electronic device, they get stuck to it, preventing them from doing basic everyday activities like taking out the trash or having a conversation. Basically, it takes away interaction with other human beings.

Also, television could cause isolation, which could lead to early death. As someone watches television, they would most likely want to spend time alone, which is a sign of isolation. This can take away social interaction with other people, which could cause death due to a “lonely heart.”

So, try to get in exercise, communication, and attempt limit the electronic use to a minimum. Try going to a local park or go on a short walk. All of these activities will prevent you from watching T.V which would lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

“Don’t exchange hiking, biking, playing, and time with your parents for a display screen anytime soon. Be your own change.” Said Blank.

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