Faith Lutheran Middle School starts accepting students for the 2015 to 2016 year

Andie Ironside, Staff Writer

Since December 13, about 300 to 350 students have taken the admissions test to become new students at Faith Lutheran Middle School for the 2015 to 2016 school year.

Middle school students from various schools applied to become a Faith Crusader. After students applied, they came to Faith on Decemeber 13 and January 10, to test on math, reading, and the math placement test.

In addition to the test, students turned in nine different documents, from recommendations, to report cards, to birth certificates for their file.

Admissions Counselor, Mr. Joel Arnold, Middle School Principal, Mrs. Sara Harper, Middle School Assistant Principal, Mr. Jacob Kothe, and others interview all candidates. Once they have completed the application process, the school will make their decision to accept them or not.

Although Faith Lutheran wants to grow bigger, Harper isn’t looking for a bigger amount of kids.

“Currently, I do not plan to accept anymore students for each grade than what we have,” said Harper. “We have approximately 235 seventh graders and eighth graders this year, but since the sixth grade class has 260, its going to trickle through.”

In order to get into Faith, students must have specific qualities.

“We look for a student who is committed to their education and understands the purpose of their education,” said Kothe. “Someone who is hardworking.”

Students who apply might not get into Faith for various reasons.

“There are some academic reasons why they might not get in. There is some behavioral issues, like maybe their recommendations aren’t so good or maybe they have bad attendance,” said Arnold.

Some believe that it’s important for students to test into a school.

“I personally believe that we offer more, in terms of middle school, than any other school in Las Vegas. No one has our faculties, our academics, athletics,” said Arnold. “I think people want to go here because it is such a good school. What I found that is really cool is that once they come on our campus and take the tour, they want to come here. ”

To some current Faith students, the test wasn’t diffucult.

“The test wasn’t hard, instead it was average. You needed to take time on it,” said eighth grader Mary Martinez.

For other students, they felt nervous taking the test.

“It was nerve racking because I was scared I wasn’t going to get in,” said sixth grader Michala DuPaix.

Students love Faith Lutheran and are glad they passed the test.

“Faith provides many opportunities that maybe other schools don’t have,” said seventh grader Cooper Davis.

“I think this is a good school for me. I like the teachers here and I like the sports program,” said seventh grader Micheal Flynn. “I think a lot of people should go here.”