Ohio State is the new undisputed champ



Photo taken while Ohio State is comming out of the tunnel durring the 2006 season. They went 12-1 that season.

Gavin Steck, Staff Writer

On Monday Jan 12 Oregon University played Ohio State for the first ever National Playoff Championship in Dallas, Texas. This year the NCAA introduced the college football playoff so one team can be the undisputed champions.

Oregon and Ohio State both played one game prior to the championship. They each played one game on New Years Day. Ohio played Alabama and won 42-35. Oregon played Florida St. and won 59-20.

Students at faith were split on rooting for Ohio State or Oregon.

“Ohio State all the way.” said seventh grader Eric Ho.

But there were others who thought differently.

“Definitely Oregon 42-10” said seventh grader Colton Berndes.

Now to the game. Oregon got the opening kick and scored in 2 min 39 seconds. Then Ohio St. went on a 21-3 run to end the half up 21/10. Ohio St. got the second half kick off and then punted the ball to Oregon. Then, Marcus Mariota threw a 70 yard TD pass and the score was 17-21.Oregon kicked a field goal and was down one point. Then, Ohio State’s running back Ezeiel Elliot rushed for three touchdowns to give Ohio State the win.

“I knew Ohio would win” said Ho.

This was the first year of the College Football Playoff. This is different from the old one game championship. The teams that got into the playoff were picked by a selection committee instead of by a computer like the old version. It had been a debate on weather to have a playoff for several years. But last year the NCAA decided to have a playoff starting in 2015.

Some people have suggestions on how to make the playoff even better.

“I like the new version. I just think it should be 1v2 and 3v4 to make it more exiting.” said Berndes.

“I think that there should be more teams.” said Ho

But both did agree on one thing, that the new system is better than the old.

Ohio St. played key games that if they lost could have ended their season, games that led to them winning the National Championship. Ohio started the year with backup QB JT Barrett to replace injured Braxton Miller who is out for the season. Since this was JT’s first season he didn’t play that well. Ohio State suffered its only loss against Virginia Tech. Then JT turned into a Heismen candidate. He went undefeated until he played Michigan and got injured. That is when third string QB Cardizel Jones came into the game and won. He won three strait games and the National Championship.

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