Climb, Boulder, Belay, and the Basics


Julie Meyer

This shows two kids climbing at the Red Rock Climbing Center. This photo was taken last year during a club day.

Xavier Covarrubias, Staff Writer

The Rock Climbing Club, led by Mrs. Julie Meyer, is back in business on Tuesdays in February from 3:30-4:45. The club will meet at the Red Rock Climbing Center on Charleston and Cimarron.

The club cost is forty dollars. This includes a one-month membership to the climbing gym, which enables club members to use their facilities any time they like for the full month.  However, if they climb any other time, it will cost an additional amount of money.

In the past, the club was coached by Meyer and Mr. Jose Diaz. But now it will be advised by Meyer and Mr. Jason Taylor. The club members will get to interact with other climbers and help each other to improve. This club will practice indoor climbing and learn the basics of climbing, bouldering (climbing without ropes or other technical gear on boulders or relatively small rock faces), and how to belay (using ropes to climb with a partner). Meyer, loves climbing and thinks it is a great sport.

“I’m advising this club because I LOVE climbing! I’ve been climbing for about 9 years. It’s a great workout, full of mental puzzles and it’s a very social activity.” said Meyer via email.

In middle school and high school, both boys and girls are encouraged to join Climbing Club. The informational meeting was on Wednesday, January 28 at 3:15 in portable fifty-one. However, students can still join after the meeting by sending Meyer an email, and she will get them the waivers.

Then just show up at the gym on the first day. The gym will provide gear so the students don’t have to bring their own.

“On our club days, our members also get to use the gym’s climbing shoes and harnesses for free,” said Meyer.

Hopefully, by the end of the club, participants will be able to climb without the aid of an instructor, so that they can continue the hobby throughout the year. Members are only allowed to do indoor climbing for this club, but if they enjoy it, there are venues for exploring outdoor climbing as well. Meyer hopes the kids will like climbing.

“Mostly, we want kids to come out, learn how to climb and fall in love with it like we have. We want you to have fun and enjoy being a part of the climbing community.” said Meyer.