Faith Lutheran MS students helping cancer patients, one ponytail at

Caroline Hsu, Editor

Girls who participated in the Student Leadership class's cause proudly show off their ponytails. They were four of the ten girls who donated
Angelina Cannito
Girls who participated in the Student Leadership class’s cause proudly show off their ponytails. They were four of the ten girls who donated

On Wednesday, January 6, Faith Lutheran’s High School Student Leadership class held a

hair donation event to gather ponytails for a non­profit organization called Locks of Love.
Locks of Love helps give quality hair prosthetics to financially­unstable children who lost

their hair due to chemotherapy. Founded in 1997, Locks of Love operates in all 50 states and Canada.

Faith Lutheran senior Angelina Cannito, who donates to Locks of Love on a regular basis, organized this event. 

Cannito inspiration to run this event comes from the generosity of others. “I noticed a lot of girls cutting their hair [for causes like this],” said Cannito.

By introducing her cause to the Faith Lutheran community, Cannito brings the opportunity to help others to the student body.

“[The students] contacted [Locks of Love] to find out what the criteria…needed to be met in order to hold such an event,” said Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life, “They contacted the Facilities department of Faith Lutheran to find out what they had to do to reserve space, they collected the supplies needed and then they advertised.”

“Another StuCo member and I checked people in and got their information. After they got their hair cut, we packaged it,” said eleventh grader Hunter Kascur.

The Student Leadership class fell short of their goal of fifty ponytails, but managed to collect ten.

“We cut nine, and an anonymous donor dropped off a ponytail, so in total we have ten,” added Cannito.

Even though many Faith Lutheran students did not donate, they supported Cannito’s idea.

“I think that this is a good idea,” said seventh grader Stephanie Vancura, “because if we can help people who don’t feel good about themselves because of having no hair, we can help them out.”

The Student Leadership class inspired the middle school’s Builder’s Club to possibly do something similar in the future.

“I think it’s a good cause,” said Clara Heislen, eighth grader and President of Builder’s Club. “I think it’s good to help out other people.”

Heislen did not have a date in mind for when the club might run the event for the middle school.

“Probably not this year, but we would definitely want to do something like this,” said Heislen.

Cannito hopes more people will take part in this cause, and that Faith will hold another event like this.

“When I leave for college, I hope to have Faith hold another haircutting event like we did this year,” said Cannito, “and I encourage everyone to try it at least once.”

Students can donate whenever they want without waiting for Faith Lutheran to hold another event. Those who wish to donate can go to the organization’s website to find a list of salons who will process donated hair for Locks of Love. Many also free styling after the initial donation.

In all, the event turned out to be successful. “Faith Student Council will likely hold another event like this next year, as each donation makes a difference in the lives of young women across the nation,” said Kascur.

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