High Schoolers and eighth graders audition for the Conservatory of Fine Arts


Sarah Paglini

High school Sarah Paglini made this watercolor painting of a lion to audition for the visual arts. She also had to make an art portfolio for the audition.

Kendal Owens , Staff Writer

Current eighth graders and high school students have now begun auditioning for the Conservatory of the Arts. The Conservatory of Fine Arts gives students the opportunity to focus and major in a part of the arts that interests them.

Faith Lutheran created the Conservatory to prepare students for college and help them major in an art of their choice and possibly continue on into a career. It’s a school within Faith Lutheran that allows students to participate and study in depth in their artistic talents. Students will be able to specialize in one area of the arts. Students can really focus and practice on what they want to do. Instead of taking one art class or one dance class students will take two classes a semester.

“I am so excited to see what the conservatory has to offer.” said eighth grader Britney Barnhart.

According to the Dean of fine arts said she’s expecting 90-105 students auditioning. There are a variety of areas in fine arts that students can audition for. Including vocal performance, instrumental performance, theatre performance, technical performance, visual arts, and dance. The teachers want students that love what they do and want to progress.

“My audition for the instrumental portion I have to prepare a three minute solo, and I have to know how to cite read and then I perform it for the judges.” said eighth grader Katherine Conklin

Teachers recommend that students get the specific requirements for auditions from their teachers. Students quickly found out what they had to do and worked very hard until their big day arrived.

“I am auditioning for the dance portion of the arts and I have to do a group audition, then an interview, and take a ballet class.” said eighth grader Niki Lee

Current eighth graders believe that the program will help them learn information that they will need to help them in college.

“I think this program will give me some really good training and experience for when I go to college.” said eighth grader Delaney Sylvester

The conservatory looks for hard working students who work hard and want to improve.

“We are looking for students who are committed and want to work and who want to keep growing.” said Mrs. Desire

The teachers can’t wait to work the students and help them grow and progress.

“I get the benefit of working with students who want to raise that bar and go beyond what we practice in class, and I think that’s amazing.” said choir teacher Mrs. Sandra Youmans

Students are looking forward to progressing and growing in the art of their choice. They can’t believe that they could major in what they want and possibly pursue a career.

“The extra classes will teach me how to ace my next audition, sing, dance, and help me with future performances.” said eighth grader Naree Asharian

Students and teachers can’t wait to see what the conservatory has to offer.

“I am so excited for students to grow in their art and share that love both at Faith Lutheran and after they graduate.” said Ball.

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