Faith celebrates Lutheran Schools week along with 2,300 other Lutheran schools

Shae Turner, Staff Writer

On January 26-30, Lutheran School’s week began as the middle school students celebrated along with many other Lutheran schools across the country during the nationally celebrated week. Over 2,300 Lutheran schools across the United States take part in this week-long celebration according to Many of the different schools that celebrate have their own traditions and events that they hold each year, just like Faith Lutheran.

Every year, Faith has a theme for the week, and this year’s theme is “That’s Entertainment”.  Student Council picks the theme through a brainstorm session.

“They try to think of a theme that would allow them to incorporate Lip Sync and all their dress days. Then they vote, ” said Kristen Thornton, middle school Student Council advisor.

On Monday students got to dress up as their favorite movie character, and on Tuesday they got to dress up as their favorite superhero.

“I think it’s good that Faith participates because students get to express their personality,” said Barrett Holthus, eighth grader student council representative.  Many students agree with Holthus.

“I think its good because it shows school spirit and that we actually want to participate in fun things too,” said sixth grader, Isabella Lucente.

Along with the Monday and Tuesday dress up days, on Thursday students got to dress in the colors of their favorite sports team or jersey of their favorite sports star for Sports Day. Finally, on Friday, students got to wear their best spirit wear and Faith colors because it was Spirit Day.

Even though Lutheran School’s week gives the students a chance to have fun with what they wear, they also had a chance to give back to others. This year, all of the schools in the Pacific Southwest district decided to help the Garuna Foundation,  which helps raise money in order to build Lutheran schools and churches in Southeast Asia.

One of the ways Student Council helped to raise money was to allow students to wear jeans on Wednesday, if they paid five dollars. That’s why the dress up day for Wednesday was Jeans for Jesus.

Another fun way Student Council helped raise money to give to the foundation was through the Penny War. The Penny War is something that Faith does each year that the students love.

“I’m all for competitions,” said eighth grader, Ellie Fried.

In the Penny War, each individual grade had a bucket where they can drop pennies which have a value of one point. Grades can be deducted of points if any coins or dollar bills are dropped into their bucket.

At the end of the week Student Council announced which grade won overall, but the Penny War isn’t the only competition.

On Monday, all grades competed in Faith’s annual Lip Sync. Lip Sync is the event where each grade comes together with a medley of songs, come up with a dance, and lip sync to the songs.

“I think it’s fun because the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders get to show off that they can perform too, and they can do a lot of stuff that people don’t think they can do,” said Lucente.

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