Faith Lutheran’s Powers-ful security guard


Mr. Gary Daning

Powers directing traffic outside of the school’s store “The Shield” and the student softball and baseball fields. Powers works hard to keep parents and children safe.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

Security guards protect Faith Lutheran and all the students, faculty, and staff. However, Mr. Richard Powers, Campus Security works as the only security guard for Faith Lutheran. Powers takes all parts of his job seriously and every job is important.

“Observing gets a little boring sometimes because it is not the most exciting thing in the world but it is a job. It needs to be done,” said Powers.

Powers did not intend on becoming Faith’s Security Guard. However, Powers accepted the job when the former C.E.O asked him to become a security guard. Powers has worked at Faith Lutheran for ten years.

Powers has many jobs other than controlling the traffic on Home Stretch and making sure kids or civilians get across safely. Mr. Gary Daning, Director of Facilities listed some of those other jobs.

“He is a pretty busy guy,” said Daning. “If somebody gets hurt on the field he transports them up to first aid, if somebody’s battery is dead he makes sure the car gets taken care of, if somebody loses something he searches all around the school for it.”

“I haven’t had many problems in the last month or so other than maybe… kids driving too fast in the parking lot and… one trespasser… but he properly left the facility,” said Powers.

Powers has worked at Faith Lutheran since 2004. Powers works the day shift and tries to watch the entire school’s exterior, especially the parking lots, making sure everyone stays safe.

“I protect the parking lots as best as I can,” said Powers. “When kids are coming to school I make sure they’re getting to school safe, and I make sure kids… when they leave school they’re safe.”

Powers has not worked anywhere other than Faith Lutheran as a security guard, and so far, he enjoys working at Faith Lutheran.

“Well I like working here… You gotta like where you’re working. You have to like getting up in the morning and going to work, and if you don’t like getting up in the morning then you shouldn’t be working at that job,” said Powers. “ I enjoy coming to work and working at Faith Lutheran, and I always have.”

Powers has worked at Faith Lutheran for many years and has done a good job of keeping the staff and students safe. Powers gets along with all the kids and tries to treat everyone equally. Powers has had many experiences at Faith Lutheran. Daning summarized these experiences in one sentence.

“Teaching lifetime safety skills one crossing at a time,” said Daning through email.

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